Yes, I was supposed to log in last month’s progress but to be honest with you stress and procrastination got the better of me which lead me to continue my bad eating habits, drinking and lack of exercise. However, I am now full steam ahead with my fitness regime and Kayla’s Guides! I have completed weeks 1-4 of her BBG 1 and feels on top of the moon right now. In addition to this, I also do classes at my local gym and have had a personal plan specially constructed for me to achieve my goals which is perfect for me as I would need all the help I could get to shift this unwanted fat.

SW (1/10/15): 169lbs    CW (31/10/15): 165lbs

4lbs LOST!

Dress Size: 12 (UK) or M

My eating habits are slowly improving. Though I did have nachos from Barburrito today which tasted delicious so I do not regret AT ALL haha but I do always ensure that I have my five-a-day and now that I’ve gone shopping I will have no reason to eat junk food or order take away meals. As I do work in an office environment, it is quite hard to stick to healthy eating as I am practically surrounded by temptation whether its cakes, sweets or crisps it just never ends so if anybody has any advice or tips on how to avoid unnecessary indulgence that would me much appreciated.

So this is pictures of me from early September and currently. Now before you look, may I apologise for my messy room. I had just moved into my new home in time for university and decided to take these pictures before I forgot to lol. Just to clarify, I am NOT a dirty person by no means whatsoever. Anyways…

My weight difference may not be much for now seeing as I have really just got back into the gist of exercising and have yet to establish a clean eating lifestyle but I believe with hard work and the support of my friends and family I shall conquer all!!!

Till next time 🙂

Sam. x