November! (Sorry it’s late)

November! (Sorry it’s late)

Is it me or has this month flown by?

My exercise regimen is split between gym sessions/classes and dance training. As a student I joined the university’s hip hop dance society so I have two training sessions a week that last just over an hour but it’s really fun way to keep my energy levels high. Other than that I’ve be

Unfortunately this month has been plagued by a minor knee injury which has put a lot of strain on my daily activities and because of this I haven’t been to work out as hard as I usually would because I had  dance show last Sunday (which was amazing btw – more about that later). I barely had any home cooked meals despite doing a full food shop last week because I have always been out of the house so most meals consisted of soup accompanied by a packet of crisps, fruit and water.

PW (31/10/15): 165lbs CW (30/11/15): 163.9 Ibs

1.1lbs LOST!

*PW – previous weight

Still proud that I managed to drop a few pounds. Now we’re in December it is definitely going to be a challenging moment with it being the Christmas season!! I always celebrate Christmas at my grandma’s house who never seems to run out of food and makes me feel guilty if I don’t finish the leftovers lol. Plus I never have time to go gym or even workout in my room because I will be running around town doing errands for myself and everyone else – that will probably will be the most exercise I will get in the next couple of weeks.

Anyhow, here’s the update photos. I had to take them in my bathroom so excuse the pictures looking so awkward haha. Next update will be at the end of the year – last one for 2015!!

Till next time 🙂

Sam x