#SHEInspiresMe series

#SHEInspiresMe series

Women’s History Month may be coming to an end as we enter the month of April but the celebration of women does not stop here! Over the last few months of self-reflection, I took the moment to list all the people who I appreciate and have inspired me to do better through hardships and about 80% of those on the list were women (sorry guys.) and I feel a lot of the time us women are not appreciated for our hard work and efforts unless they are featured in some stupid FHM’s top 100 sexiest women ‘in the world’ or in an embarrassing reality show.

It hurts to see fall into the trap of being pitted against each other as it’s already hard for a woman to get their foot through many doors especially if the field is male-dominated. Women shouldn’t see each other as competitors but more as supporters, I mean we already have powerful men still trying to dictate what we can or cannot do with our bodies and our monthly necessities labeled as a luxury item – WTF?

The main point is that we need to learn to support each other’s efforts, career paths and not tear others down or beat them when at their low point. I love supporting my girls and find their success stories inspiring and motivating for me to keep going. Anyway enough of all that. From now on every fortnight, I will write a dedicated post to women who have inspired me in every aspect of my life – childhood to the soul-searching young adult I am today.*

So watch this space…

*Women in my family are excluded as I don’t feel comfortable putting their pictures on the net. Plus they know I love them regardless 🙂

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