#SheInspiresMe Series: 2

#SheInspiresMe Series: 2

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed my last feature! If you haven’t read it yet then you can click here and get on track.

This week, I decided not to choose another celebrity but a blogger who has recently done something that many like myself would one day dream to achieve and she just seem like a genuine person. Her name is Necole Kane and she is a blogger and entrepreneur from Maryland, USA. You may have seen some of her personal and encouraging posts on your Instagram feed or my Twitter if you follow or better yet if you were into celebrity gossip and frequently visited NecoleBitchie.com, she was the face behind the brand!

Over the last year, she has since transformed her brand from NecoleBitchie to XONecole, a female-empowerment platform aimed to ‘redefine how women share their stories, showcase their style and speak their minds.’ It is truly an amazing website and you can gather advice on just about anything on there from relationships to the building blocks of becoming a successful entrepreneur but Necole’s success story did not happen overnight. She had fought through many life-changing battles including being broke and homeless for a significant amount of time before (and after) the success of NecoleBitchie.


  1. Never give up: Most people, including myself, would probably give up on any hope of our dreams coming to fruition if we were to be rejected after applying for several jobs or to fly to another city/state and be kicked out the house by our own family but Necole still stuck to her guns and continued to build her then-brand NecoleBitchie which went on to become one of the most notable black celebrity gossip sites for the 8 year duration. So for anybody who feels as if life is against them at this moment, remember that there is a light at the end of every tunnel.
  2. It’s never too late to change paths: Necole was in her late 20s when she shut down her website. I would presume the reaction she received was very mixed especially since we live in a society where everybody should know what they want to pursue from a very young age but the truth of the matter is that this is simply not the case. When I first enrolled at a university, I chose to study Economics but have now realised that I do not want to pursue a career as an economist or in the financial sector of any sort. Though it’s too late for me to change courses, I’m now doing what is required of me to do in order to smooth the process from graduating with an Economics degree to becoming a PR manager. My parents were at first less supportive of this idea as I ‘should’ve known this before applying for university.’ but sometimes these discoveries/callings appear later than originally planned. So if you
  3. Do what makes YOU happy: There is a struggle between being a character and being the woman I was meant to be.” Click To Tweet As flourishing as her gossip site was, Necole mentions in the video above that it brought a great bought of negativity – affecting her mental wellbeing and happiness. Since her transformation, she has begun living her own life and uses her platform not only to document inspiring stories by other women but also herself. She has traveled the world, taken her fitness to the next level and recently won a bikini fitness competition on her first attempt. She seems genuinely happy and that is what truly counts: life is too short to be living for other people – live for YOURSELF and make your wellbeing your biggest priority!

Necole is truly a force to be reckoned with and despite her struggles, she still managed to overcome the hurdles and live out her true calling as the queen she is. I wish her and her website the best and fingers crossed she gets to see this also!

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