#SheInspiresMe Series: #1

#SheInspiresMe Series: #1

It’s finally here! So excited to get this up and running – check back here every fortnight for a new female icon who has had an impact on my life and empowered other young women around the world. I hope that you also feel inspired and enjoy the series as much as I do writing these posts.

To get the ball rolling and of course, I had to start it off with one of my favourite women in the whole world: Mrs. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter.

Destiny’s Child original line-up

Beyoncé has been apart of my life since childhood when she made her debut with the rest of the Destiny’s Child girls with No No No and has not left since. Whether you like her or not, Beyoncé is the epitome of work hard and let your talent speak for itself – you see how the digital generation treats her as a God which I’m not always a big fan about but her work ethic is undoubtedly second to none in her field.  Beyoncé is the epitome of work hard and let your talent speak for itself. Click To Tweet

Since a teenager, Beyoncé has been a lean mean working machine going solo in the process and taking charge of her own career, releasing six successful #1 albums and selling out stadiums and being an activist for the social events that are prominent in today’s society from feminism to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement to which, obviously, brought along controversy from the Fox News type of people.

#SheInspiresMe to:

  1. Never stop improving/working: She has sleepless nights just to plan and perfect a two-hour show. She comes home in cuts and bruises after hours of learning choreography in heels. She came second on StarSearch as a child but always worked so she could be #1. As perfect as she seems she has always managed to find something in her life or career to improve and reach further heights. Lemonade would probably not have been an album if she settled for her success after the I Am…Sasha Fierce era. Hence why she one reason as to why she is one of the world’s biggest superstars.
  2. Keep my private life private: Now we live in an age where everyone’s business is put on display whether it’s through Instagram or some fake trash reality show because people feel like that’s the key to fame nowadays but Beyoncé got married and we didn’t even see wedding pictures until nearly a decade later. I mean, she completed a headliner at Glastonbury in heels and Blue Ivy bouncing away in her stomach so nobody can tell me that to be a celebrity or a somebody, you have to make your private life public because that is certainly not the case at all. Your business is your business. 
  3. Never let anybody dictate your vision:  If you have a vision, dream or some form of mental image which you want to bring to fruition – make it happen. There has been numerous occasions Beyoncé has been told by her team including Frank Gatson that her idea doesn’t work or needs changing but at the end of the day it is your work and your decisons matter.

Now Beyoncé is pregnant with twins and will probably take one or two years off before coming back to snatch our wigs again. If you can’t tell already, I absolutely love motha Beyoncé and the stance she holds for women. She can sing, dance, steal your spotlight at a awards show with just her presence alone and is just an all round goddess.

Hope you liked and thank you for reading. Feel free to comment below your favourite Bey moments (shoots, performances, interviews, quotes) and share away. Kisses and hugs xo