The Rise of Cardi B

The Rise of Cardi B

“You can’t f#?k with me if you wanted to” – Cardi B

The powerful words from your regular shemegular girl from the Bronx who goes by the name of Cardi B. You may recognise the reality tv star-turned-female rapper from your Tumblr timelines or from the pre-backless bra Instagram era when she was dropping videos in-between her shifts at the strip clubs. Her classic videos were known to put a funny spin on relatable situations such as dealing with haters and f#*kboys to embracing your sexuality – exuding her boisterous no-filter personality which has since won the inner ratchet souls of many.


Fast forward to 2015, in a desperate bid to revive the original Love and Hip Hop (LHH): New York series it was announced that Cardi B and Remy Ma would be joining the cast. For those who were somehow unaware of Cardi B was formally introduced to the confident stripper with aspirations to be a music star (like most LHH members e.g. Joseline Hernandez, Hazel E and plenty more). Over the course of the two seasons, the Bronx native released a string of viral hits including Foreva which garnered over 10M YouTube views. After realising that she is probably too big for the drama and having the stigma of being a reality star wouldn’t be so fun in the long run, Cardi decided to take the plunge and part ways in order to focus on taking her music career to the next level.

Entering 2017 may have feared many Americans but not for Cardi. The larger-than-life personality has taken the year by the hands and crushed every door in her way. She took the gamble of performing overseas to sold-out crowds in both Birmingham and London and even participated in one of the most cringe-worthy conversations with Tim Westwood (I do not recommend you watch), now confirmed to be dating Migos member Offset whom she collaborated on her previous single and is officially signed to Atlantic Records!

Apart from K. Michelle, Remy Ma and Keyshia Cole who recently joined the LHH: Hollywood franchise, Cardi B has been one of the few if not only member who has utilised the reality show platform correctly. She did her time, dealt with the unnecessary drama, made a bigger name for herself and bounced. Furthermore, she’s been one of the fastest rising female rappers in a very long time and has probably put out more solo content than her contenders – she should have won the BET Award for Best Female Hip-Hop but I digress. Cardi’s grind continues with the release of her new single, Bodak Yellow, a clear take on Kodak Black’s No Flockin’ which she admitted was the inspiration behind the song.

“I want to make a girl from the Valley from California to feel like she want to be a girl from the Bronx.” – Cardi B (Excerpt taken from an interview with Noisey, Mar 2017).  Link

Bodak Yellow is an empowerment song of a different kind. It makes you want to snatch somebody’s wig and flex on every person who ever doubted you. It has since taken the internet by storm with endorsements from celebrities from Meek Mill and Kevin Hart resulting in the accomplishment of her Billboard debut (currently #49 on Hot 100). So what’s next for Cardi?  Hopefully, she can maintain her run and release some follow-up singles of the same calibre but also challenge her artistry. Unfortunately, the way the music business is set up in order to be successful she would need to be able to crossover to maintain her rep if she plans to be here for a long time. Nicki Minaj did and it has worked for her ever since

The future is certainly bright for this young lady. She seems smart, confident in herself and her music and is open to playing the field but get her the wrong way you may get popped in the mouth with a shoe. Ask Asia smh.

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