Songspiration: Be Yourself

Songspiration: Be Yourself


Hello there!! This is the first songspiration (song + inspiration for the slow ones) of hopefully many. Hope you enjoy =)

We live in an unfortunate generation where people would rather listen to music to shake their ass to than those that can stimulate their minds and soul. Teenagers worship the likes of Taylor Swift and One Direction and dismiss the legends who paved the way as ‘washed up’, ‘old’ or ‘flops’. Now I’m no different, I do also have those ‘ghetto/ratchet’ moments where I would I could listen to Rae Sremmurd and Meek Mill to name a couple but most of the time I prefer to hear the vocal technicalities of Mariah Carey and the lyrical themes J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar explore on their albums than just noise in my ears.

Back to the subject, I have chosen two songs by two singers, both from the UK. From the first listen I fell in love with both songs and have had them on repeat since their releases! The first is by Alesha Dixon. You may recognise her of BGT (Britain’s Got Talent) or if you have good memory she was previously a rapper in girl group, Mis-Teeq. Her current single, Just The Way We Are is an empowerment song which is mainly inspired by her personal relationship but the lyrics such as

Show them your light
Don’t turn them down
It’s not their right
To come and criticize

can easily be applied to those learning to live their own lives in spite of those who speak ill of them. Plus it’s has a catchy beat to match which makes it the perfect song to complete your summer.

Next up is Jess Glynne. She may still be fresh in the music scene but she’s already managed to accumulate four #1 hits and her next single, ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ sounds promising enough to be added to her #1 roster. I noticed that some of her fans who have previously suffered from depression, anxiety or low self-esteem thank her for releasing the track as they felt it has helped them through their recovery process. The lyrics can be applied to more or less any situation  but the overall message I believe she is trying to send out is to not beat yourself up so much because we all go through trials and tribulations and it’s totally fine because it makes us better people. I hope she reaches the top of the charts with this one because it’s a really inspiring song with a positive message for young children who may feel alone or trapped in the dark.

I absolutely love these songs and wish both of these singles seek the success it truly deserves on the charts.

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