Is Anaconda a worthy contender of MTV’s Video of The Year?

Is Anaconda a worthy contender of MTV’s Video of The Year?

Now I could go on about my view regarding Nicki’s tweets but that’s segment has been covered by literally everyone in the last 24 hours (Guardian, TheSkorpionShow, The Independent) though it has left me wondering whether the video itself is actually a worthy contender of that category?  Put it into perspective, if we take away the impact it had on social media,  the various records it managed to break when first released and focus on the video content itself , would you still nominate Anaconda for Video of The Year? I certainly wouldn’t.

The fact that there are other black female artists alone who probably work just as hard as Nicki herself, release music videos of a far better quality than Anaconda and are barely noticed by the masses even of their own colour is distressing. One example is Janelle Monae. In a perfect world, she would probably dominate every VMA category year after year as there is no argument that her creative outlet is second to none. I, personally believe she is one of the most under-rated entertainers of our generation and she’s rarely acknowledged for her talents (Yoga is her first solo single to chart  on Billboard in her 8-year career (peaked at 79))

Tinashe, who’s currently on tour with Ms Minaj has only just been introduced to mainstream and has enjoyed moderate success but yet her hit single, All Hands On Deck which was co-signed by Kanye West himself, was completely overlooked by MTV even though it easily beats 7/11  (sorry Bey). Still believe Anaconda should be nominated?

Another who has been rejected by the industry is Azealia Banks. Despite her infamous social media rants, her work always proves critics who continue to question her musical abilities. Her debut album includes some of her best work to date which includes single, Chasing Time to which I consider one of the best videos to be released over the past year (also self-funded) but MTV won’t nominate her or probably invite her to the awards as she’s too much of a controversial character. Even pop princess herself, Rihanna released completely different videos this year, one just recently that have been praised for its cinematography though questioned for its controversial storyline and FourFiveSeconds which could’ve been nominated purely for its simplicity.

If you haven’t noticed, all of the following videos were released within this year’s eligibility period and is nowhere to be found on the nomination list though Anaconda was three times. Now I am a fan of Nicki Minaj and have been following her since Playtime Is Over era and I was not at all surprised at her video being nominated due to its overwhelming attention it received but neither was I surprised that it is not up for Video Of The Year because there’s nothing about that video that is deserves that type of reward especially if you had to compare to its fellow contenders, and to pull out the race and gender card makes her look narcissistic and petty. Nicki should just humble herself and be thankful that the legacies of Michael and Whitney Houston have allowed her have three nominations in the first place.

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated especially Kendrick Lamar who leads this years awards with 13 nominations despite the media claims of Taylor and Ed Sheeran “dominating” but that’s none of my business. *takes a sip*

Sam x