We Got JoJo Back!!

We Got JoJo Back!!

The moment has finally arrived where we can celebrate JoJo’s comeback. It’s definitely been a long time coming -it’s been nearly a decade since she released her sophomore album but under the wing of another label and her new EP, Tringle showing promising signs of a new era under way.

Many, including myself was wondering where the young singer had disappeared to after the release of her successful second album unaware of what was going on behind the scenes to which eventually came to light when she vented on numerous occasions on social media. Her contract with her previous label had become bankrupt meaning they couldn’t provide the funds to deliver her music inevitably putting the songstress in a situation which left her completely in the dark and having to fund for her own studio sessions, music videos and possibly the small promo it received. I’m sure that must of been a very frustrating situation for JoJo – It was for me anyways. She could’ve been a much bigger star than she already is but now that she was finally released from her contract at Blackground records and now signed to the legendary Atlantic Records it is looking like a new album may be on the cards. Early/Summer 2016? *fingers crossed*

Take a journey through her music career so far and enjoy the throwbacks of a young, teenage JoJo.

Who else is excited for new music from JoJo?

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Tringle (UK iTunes) | Tringle (US iTunes)