Beyoncé Formation World Tour: London

Beyoncé Formation World Tour: London

Saturday 2nd July 2016 – Wembley Stadium, London

Beyoncé Formation Tour

Beyoncé’ starts her London show

I was blessed to see the one and only Mrs. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter for the fifth time in London. After scattering over from social media looking for that pre-sale code which seemed so difficult to figure out, but finally managing to beat the Ticketmaster queues (I would assume due to many other fans being in my position) and reaching the confirmation page with ease, the countdown to 2nd July 2016 had begun.IMG_5466

Waking up at 7 AM Saturday morning to try and reach Wembley for around 9 and meet my friend who was there since 5 in the morning (CRAZY!) as I had Gold Circle (2) tickets, meaning less competition from other stans as the section was much smaller, probably sounds like the most craziest idea ever but after seeing other fans who had brought duvets, tents and even an AIR MATTRESS maybe I was more sane than I originally thought.

After hours of waiting until 5 PM, security had finally unleashed the Beyhive into the stadium. We were warned on several occasions not to run but I mean who is really going to walk to the Gold Circle and  still expect a good view? Nobody. As me and my friend Chase were clearly about this concert life, managing to out pace most people and get a perfect viewing at the side of the runway which connects the main stage to the B-stage. Now all the hard work was behind us, it was time for to wait for the Queen to make her entrance – we were treated to a Bashment/Afrobeats set which surprised the hell out of me but it was much better than our disappointing opening act – DJ Magnum. His amateur level acting skills didn’t fool me, it was clearly obvious that he brought pre-recorded mix and a bad one at that but thank God, we was treated to a surprise guest (Tinie Tempah) who came to save the moment with live performances of his latest singles, Mamacita and Girls Like with Zara Larsson.

The excitement in the stadium starts to grow as we wait for the main headliner – the chanting of Bey’s name starts to echo throughout the 90,000 strong stadium overpowering the sounds of Wiz Khalifa in the background until the song suddenly fades out and a sense of euphoria lights up the crowd. It was time to get in Formation as she elevates from the beneath the stage the message was clear: Beyoncé has arrived. You can see some of the footage filmed that day below, a playlist is available on my YouTube channel.

Crazy in Love/Survivor


Beyoncé Formation Tour

Interludes (Excerpts from album, Lemonade)

First and foremost, can we acknowledge how beautiful Beyoncé is please? Then can we discuss her mixing Skepta’s ‘That’s Not Me’ and ‘Man’ into her Diva choreography?! As you can tell from the video below in case you didn’t see it on my Twitter page, I was hyped whether she was aware of Skepta or Section Boyz (opening act for Sunday’s show) or simply a genius PR stunt Skepta is a prominent grime figure and after the year Section Boyz have had following their smash hit, Lock Arff to hear and see both on presented on a platform associated with the probably the greatest entertainer alive is a MAJOR key and the audience and social media response to Diva especially displayed that even Bey forgot the second half of the dance haha.

Ring The Alarm/Diva

Other highlights were probably the feminist icon strutting her ass throughout the show with all her sassiness and talking to her dancers at every opportunity. I tried to talk to Julius (her bodyguard) but no response haha – Does he talk to anybody who isn’t a Knowles/Carter? Beys I NEED ANSWERS!!

Beyoncé performing 'The Beautiful Ones' (Prince Tribute)

Beyoncé performing ‘The Beautiful Ones’ (Prince Tribute)

My favourite performance has to be All Night. It’s one of my favourites on the album alongside Love Drought simply because both are such a beautiful written songs. Unfortunately she didn’t formed Ingrid’s song but she did perform her ‘personal favourite’ which I had to film and cherish but you can also watch below:

All Night (Favourite song and performance)

Her work ethic goes unmatched. Every tour, she has consistently improved herself from her artistry to her command on stage and without a doubt Saturday’s show was without a doubt her best show to date – the song choices perfectly correlated with the theme of the tour, she engaged with her audience more than ever and even though she had no guest appearances, her undeniable presence proved that she’s is one of the few artists of today who can own the stage and keep an audience on their feet until the very moment the curtains close.

90,000+ Bey fans in London

Fans travelling home from Formation Tour

Saturday 2 July 2016, I received my life from Beyoncé. All £135 worth (inc. service charge).


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