Meet SAM

Me‘The Sassy One’ | ‘The Shady One’

whichever tickles your fancy 🙂

I’m Samantha but most call me Sam to my preference. A student who is still yet to figure her life out.

This blog is really just an outlet for me to release my thoughts as I would normally would with a diary, I love writing and always seem to have a lot on my mind on a daily basis plus most active social media channels have an active limit on our given right of ‘freedom of speech/expression’.

So you could literally expect anything from music-related news to what’s in my wardrobe to me travelling somewhere – this is why I would never really label myself as a ‘fashion/make-up/lifestyle etc.’ blogger; my thoughts are too wild to be pushed into a box haha.

Please understand everything said here is my personal opinion and nobody else’s. I am in no shape or form, am I a professional in any of the topics I may cover so apologies in advance if I may offend but try not to take these things to heart. If you are to comment on any of my posts, I would ask if you could be respectful because nobody has time for internet wars.

Anyways go and explore the rest of the blog I hope you find something of your interest, more content will be updated throughout the year once I’ve figured how to manage my time better. You can also keep up with me on social media accounts listed below and read more behind the blog name here and my brief story behind revamping blog over the last few months here

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