Support Your Own #1

Support Your Own #1

Back at it again! January is (finally) on its way out and what other way is there to end it than with another blog post! I wanted to do something different this year – I’ve always mentioned that I wanted to support more local and black-owned businesses in the future and had spent a great amount of time on social media researching online businesses from clothing to hair products, coming across some really talented designers and business-savvy entrepreneurs.

Why support now? Well mainly because I think most corporations are trash and the recent marketing disasters have just further confirmed my point. Another reason is that my style has changed so I find it difficult to shop at these retailers because of the lack of authenticity and originality, my preferences fall more towards the vintage or 90s looks but I also have grown to appreciate traditional African print clothing (none of this tribal stuff these gentrified people try to sell you lol).

#SupportYourOwn* will be a monthly round-up of all the products from local and more specifically but not subject to black-owned businesses so you can also get your hands on some of these goodies too! To kick the year off, I will be writing about my customer experience with Sunu Ker!

The first time I came across Sunu Ker was at the SheAfriq launch event at my uni home, Nottingham then the following month at the Nottingham African Market, also hosted by SheAfriq collective where we briefly met and spoke about the products on sale. Aicha, owner of the brand sells a range of headwraps, hair and skincare products, and a range of accessories including a make-up bag and earrings. Whilst at the African Market, I took the opportunity to buy my very first head wrap (Sioure print) for £15 – the material is imported from Senegal and is handmade by her.

It is quite a large fit (specific measurements 72x 22″) but it fits perfectly and you can rock it in various ways (she also has a tutorial video (above)). She recently had a half price sale so I treated myself to another head wrap as well as her Foot & Heel Balm for a combined price just under £15 (£7.50 + £4 +£3 shipping fee). The delivery was quick and no problems at all – I made the order on Thursday night and was at my doorstep Saturday morning. I chose the Malika print head wrap which has now replaced my Sioure as my go-to head wrap and the balm is a godsend if you suffer from dry skin. The only con is the smell of sesame which may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it really does the thing – my recommendation would be to use it straight after a shower/bath then wear socks to absorb the moisture.

I really want to try out her hair and skin care products so would definitely be buying more in the near future. You can shop for yourself and check out her social media via the links below 🙂

Shop | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

(*)this is not a paid or sponsored post.

This is not a paid or sponsored post. All views shared are my own.