Self-Love 101: Maintaining your Sanity

Self-Love 101: Maintaining your Sanity

I never thought I would be doing yet another self-love post but life has a way of throwing things at you. If you are a first-time reader, be sure to check out my previous blog here about being your own best friend and taking (back) control of your own lifestyle – all comments would be much appreciated  <3

Now I am a huge advocate of diminishing the mental health stigma and encouraging other young people like myself to be more open with themselves when it comes to dealing with issues that may arise. It is very important to maintain a healthy state of mind but sometimes we can find ourselves lost in the sauce.

In 2017 we are nearing towards a pinnacle point of a digital revolution – you can only go so far without the use of social media or the internet. Such platforms like Instagram and Twitter has witnessed a steady rise in modern-day celebrities who have paved a career of their social media platforms whether it be comedy, music or fitness tea sponsors as it is a good way to get your message out there, no matter how problematic or obscene it may be.

As much as I applaud this, social media can become very consuming and we fail to realise it. When I was younger, I would come home from school and play outside with my friends until the sun sets and my mother would be screaming my name from the kitchen window; now it’s the complete opposite – everyone including adults is just glued to their digital tools and it’s quite worrying and sad, to be honest. I say this because I never noticed the extent of my digital obsession until I decided to take a mini-break and found it quite a challenge.

So if you feel you can relate, here are a few tips to keep you focused on your personal goals and not lose astray. Note, these are quite lengthy but all makes sense:

Rule #1:  Take a step away from social media

I love the concept of social media as a means of giving us a platform to speak their mind about topics, it can become exhausting and mind-numbing. Over time we may often find ourselves adjusting our values and beliefs to what we hear and see on social media because that is the social standard we should abide by; this could be down to the way we dress, opinions on relationships or social stereotypes. Overall, it can become quite heavy on our mental health and we begin to lose our minds and identity of some sort.

Always keep in mind that Instagram is basically a virtual reality. We (users) determine the context of our lifestyle and of course, we are not going to show off the struggle for people to start judging our every movement. So if you ever find yourself scrolling through the timeline whether it be Instagram, Twitter or even Snapchat and notice that it is starting to make yourself feel like a total failure, it’s best to a step back and reconfigure your focus even if it’s just for a day.

Try it. Log out and delete all your social media accounts for just a day then go about your daily plans as scheduled and if you ever feel like you need to (unnecessarily) check your phone, distract yourself by changing your focus to something else then at the end of the day you can reflect on how you felt and how much you got done. I did it for a week and it did wonders I tell ya.

No Social Media = Peace.

Rule #2: Organise your reality

I don’t know about you but if you have watched my vlogs or follow me on Instagram, you would probably notice in some of my pictures my room can sometimes be a hot ass mess! Even though it may seem as if I do not care at that moment in time, I do notice that the state of my bedroom can have a really huge impact on my mood. If my room is messy, I’m less inclined to do anything productive whereas if it was clean there is a high probability that I would want to complete other duties and this same theory can be applied to this rule.

Instead of trying to remember the 10,000 jobs and favours you promised to do in the back of your mind, why not write it down? The best way would be to keep a planner like this one which you can refer back to every morning, lunch or evening to see if you have completed your to-do list or schedule how you would fit that list into your day. You can also do this via your reminders app on your phone or keep a note in a calendar app with alerts set up as a reminder.

Rule #3: Exercise your mind and soul

In addition to taking a break from social media, you can use this time to occupy yourself with other hobbies that will get those juices flowing. This could be something as simple as reading that novel you bought 6 months ago or watching a documentary/your favourite movie on Netflix. Taking impromptu walks around town or for at least 30 minutes instead of shutting yourself in the house for long periods of time may help brighten your mood. I often find it quite helpful when I take myself out of my usual environment for a while – I usually come back feeling much more refreshed and energised to carry on with my day. I’m usually accompanied by music but as of recently, I have begun listening to podcasts (again) which are another great method to take your mind off things.

Wow, you made it to the end!

I did warn that this was a long post but after experiencing this and spending that week away from social media, something in my spirit was telling me to write this as I am not the only one who falls into the social media trap so if I even happen to help just one person that is my job done!

If you have any tips, feel free to pop a comment below 🙂

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  • Shilpa Gupte

    I so agree with you here.
    Smartphones have made us dumb and social media has made us sort of pretentious, is what I feel. And, once you get addicted to the gadgets and to sharing every little thing about your life and looking at the number of ‘Likes’, you are sure to lose your mind! I realised I was getting a bit too attached to my phone, so some months ago, I decided to make a schedule, when my phone would be switched off, when I would not bother about what was happening in other people’s lives and when I would just concentrate on my own life. I go off the wifi in the evening, by around 6, and then keep it that way for the rest of the day. I go for my evening walk, read books or cook or sketch. I go online only the next morning, to check any messages etc. And, after an hour or so, switch it off again and work on my writing. Life seems a lot more peaceful now!
    Thank you for your very inspiring post! 🙂

    • Sam

      I totally agree with your point about social media encouraging people to paint a life that doesn’t exactly match their reality and seeking validation from likes and retweets.
      I think a schedule is such a great idea – when you first did this, did you initially find it difficult to stay off social media for such a lengthy period of time?

      Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment. Much appreciated 🙂
      Sam x

      • Shilpa Gupte

        Oh yes, it was quite difficult staying away too long. But, it took a lot of persistence and will power to keep it that way. Also, I noticed how my eyes strained less, and I found more time to concentrate on reading books and paying attention to my health.