Let’s talk Boobs!

Let’s talk Boobs!

So last week, I popped by Bravissimo with a good friend of mine from university who was looking for a Bra (which by the way, their range is to DIE FOR) and took on the opportunity to book a bra fitting as the last time I got checked at Marks & Spencer a couple of years ago the lady told me I was either a 34C or 36D – yeah thanks for your help Mary.

Anyways, I went in ready for my bra fitting ready to find out that I have gone up a cup size (was living the 34C life) only to find out that I’m a 34E! I don’t know why I was so shocked that another aspect of my life has been a lie this whole time but I couldn’t believe it, even know I still debate with myself about it lol. Now, this post is not about me bragging about my growing chest fat intake – I want to quickly touch on the topic of self-comfort and breast cancer awareness as October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Boobs, Titties, Mary Kate & Ashley, no matter what you call them, us women probably know what you are referring to. They’re simply just lumps of fat that has the ability to pump milk; so why do we become insecure about them? Fellow blogger The Slumflower started a movement (#SaggyBoobsMatter) earlier this year to empower women who have saggy breasts to some ridicule from misunderstood souls but why is it such an issue? Despite how trash society standards are set up, in reality, there’s no perfect type of breasts. Just like our whole feminine being, our breasts are held up to a particular standard that very few of us fit in. Love your knockers, show them off, let them hang – there is no shame in self-liberation <3

Moreover, I want to quickly glance on a health-related topic: Breast Cancer. It’s a very severe issue that should be addressed whenever possible. Statistics show that 1 in 8 women in the UK will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Make sure that you are giving your boobies the attention it needs and taking the necessary precautionary measures including visiting your doctors to make sure everything is good. Also, you support the cause by donating, buying a ribbon or by getting involved.

For more information on breast cancer, symptoms and survival stories I would highly recommend visiting Breast Cancer Care organisation website.