Meatless March: Fitness Update

Meatless March: Fitness Update

So I’m back at it again with a new fitness post.  It’s been awhile since I last posted one (probably about a year – oops!) but I’m back and I’m better so let’s get back into it. Over the last 9 months, I kind of fell off the whole healthy eating lifestyle – not completely but the consistency just wasn’t there and all the hard work I had put it faded away now I’m back to square one.

PW (from previous blog post – May 2016): 159.2lbs

CW: 178.6lbs

I gained 20 whole pounds in a year – how embarrassing but I’m determined to get back on track and permanently lose those 20 pounds and more this time! From late November, I started doing Kayla’s guides from the comfort of my own room as I was too disgusted with my image to renew my annual student membership at the local gym but I eventually found the courage to join again after seeing my former trainer on the way home. After a few glitches here and there, I am now beginning Kayla’s BBG 2.0 (Week 13), attend dance classes three times a week, drinking water regularly and feel much better about myself.

Also, a challenge I had set myself was to give up meat for a whole month which coincidentally coincided with Lent. It was a bit difficult for the first few days but after awhile it wasn’t really an issue. Luckily I’m a big home cook so managed to successfully experiment with protein alternatives and carbohydrates and enjoy some delicious meals. To be fair, I could easily live as pescatarian or vegetarian as meat is not really considered a staple food in my diet; I felt satisfied after eating my meals instead of feeling and looking like a bloated pig plus when eating out meals are much cheaper and choices are limited which is good for a frugal student like me.

My main focus is to burn and tone all of that stubborn fat around my stomach and thighs. I am now doing more in-depth research into nutrition and exercise so in given time I will be able to look after my body and muscles properly. God willing with the right mindset and discipline, I will lose this weight and I don’t want to give myself a time limit but I have a week holiday booked to Greece in June soo….

Thanks for reading. Will be back next month with an April update 🙂