May already? How time flies!

I may have stepped away from the blogging world but don’t think I stopped stepping into that gym, oh no! Working hard, as usual, to drop those pounds for good and is still on track so far – since my last update, I have lost over 12lbs!! The recent changes to my diet have contributed to this massively – over the last few months I had cut out red meat, chicken and most recently, fish out of my daily intake. I was supposed to be a full vegetarian this month but I started off the month having already eaten a burger, pepperoni pizza and seafood paella and though this was only for the first three days, I would rather complete 100% of the task than just 90% so I decided to do it fully next month instead!

PW: 166.4lbs      CW: 159.2lbs

 6.8lbs lost!!


Excuse the messy room lol

I’ve been doing SELF magazine’s Six Weeks to Bikini Body challenge as well as Kayla Itsines BBG Guides (now begun 2.0) and my weekly dance classes. It’s amazing to receive compliments from others who have noticed the body changes, I still think it’s due to my love of wearing baggy clothing which does me justice haha. My confidence has definitely improved over the last few months, there’s still a long way to go in terms of me fully accepting myself and my body but everything is a process and I’ve made it my ultimate resolution to learn to love myself which I vow to see through,

That’s all until next month 🙂