Is it that time already? Oh how time flies by. I hope everyone reading this is enjoying the new year so far and sticking to their resolutions and avoiding bad habits. Last year before the clocked struck 12, I had composed a list of fitness challenges and goals for 2016 which I had stated in my previous post – I thought giving myself small tasks will not only add the “fun-factor” to my healthy living journey, it will also allow me to explore how small lifestyle changes can have an effect on my health and well-being so in March I thought to take on yoga which has proven health benefits, including flexibility and mental stability and I will be a vegan throughout July that obviously has a huge impact on the environment.

For instance this month I (tried) to give up sugary snacks meaning biscuits/cookies and chocolate bars. To be honest, consuming sugary snacks were never an issue to me until I started my placement last September. I consumed a lot of these type of snacks when I was in primary school on a daily basis that by the time I was around 13, I was sick of it all and didn’t even look twice at them but now working a 9-5 role in an office environment and my colleagues are constantly bringing in snacks whether it’s somebody’s birthday, leftovers from their weekend or just for the sake of it, it has become really hard to avoid temptation.

Did I pass with flying colours? No but I did manage to avoid temptation for the most part by bring in my own alternative snacks such as a small handful of nuts (unsalted cashews and almonds) or celery sticks with hummus accompanied by a bottle of water which did in fact left me feeling fuller for longer than I would snacking on a yum-yum. Next month I aim to continue to reduce the amount of refined sugar I eat as well as SELF magazine‘s exercise challenge (more info here) which involves numerous strength and cardio workout sets to be repeated 3-4x- similar to Kayla Itsine’s guides without the timed format.

PW: 168.8lbs      CW: 166.4lbs

2.4 lbs lost!!

After last month’s antics (here) I’m so happy to get back on track with my fitness. You can see the progress in the photo’s below – it may not be much to some but I am starting to notice a change in my body shape. Hopefully by summer I will be much more leaner and curvier.

Photos taken: 30/1/2016 Photos taken: 30/1/2016

Until next time.

Sam x