Fitness Challenges and Goals for 2016.

Fitness Challenges and Goals for 2016.


We may be just over a week into the new year but don’t use that as an excuse not to set some goals for yourself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be health-related, I made a post last week about what #bloggoals I wanted to achieve this year and have written down a list of personal targets I hope to reach that would be beneficial to myself but now I’ve prepared a some goals concerning my fitness. If you don’t know, as previously mentioned I’m tired of being a slob who can’t manage to defeat the stubborn fat that has been making me feel frustrated and uncomfortable wearing certain clothes over the last few years. So this year, I am determined to change that by setting myself some challenges – if this interest you, you can also join me 🙂

Since the start of the year, I put in place some challenges for each month which would require me to give up and do something new. So this month, I gave up sugary snacks (e.g. biscuits, sweets etc.) and next month, I will try out yoga and so forth. You can see a full list below – I will mention how it goes in my monthly updates =D.

January – Sugary Snacks [Give Up]

February – Try SELF x Tone It Up Challenge  

March – Try Yoga

April – Give Up Red Meat

  May – Living as a Pescatarian

June – Living as a Vegetarian and complete my first 5K run (Colour Run UK)

July – Living as a Vegan

August – Try Outdoor Running

September – Abstain from alcohol consumption

October – Give up all processed foods

November – Try the Paelo Diet

December – Don’t give up exercise!!

Hopefully in the future I can record my progress whilst doing the challenges and post some vlogs on my YouTube channel!! I want to complete my first 5K run this year and fortunately my university holds an annual 5K event every April for John Van Geest Centre who specialises in cancer research so fingers crossed I will be fit enough to run all the way. If anybody is a frequent runner (distance doesn’t matter) and has any tips – don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or via Twitter.

P.S. I saw this last night. Has anybody else started yet?

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Have you set yourself any fitness challenges or goals for 2016? If so, what are they?! Comment below

Sam x