Being Fearless!

Being Fearless!

Happy 2017!

It’s a new year meaning new beginnings, new mistakes and new lessons to be learned. Last year was absolutely amazing and 2017 is to be even better. Over the past summer, I began planning out my YouTube channel in hopes to launch it by the new year – it’s something I have been considering for quite a while now but never had the courage to actually sit in front of the camera and essentially talk to myself for 5-10 minutes. However, watching some of my favourite YouTubers, Grace F Victory and Shameless Maya to mention a few, has encouraged me to give it a try. Plus it’s about time I fully get this blog up and running smoothly lol.

My channel, SheVlogs will feature a weekly vlog content which will begin in the next few weeks as well as other stuff I have planned including holidays, dance competitions/performances and more events. My Instagram game will certainly be stepped up this year also – by summer, I want to have at least 100 stable followers and will now post at least 2-3 times a week starting from tomorrow where I will upload anything and everything from blog posts, food to the occasion OOTD to show off my growing vintage collection – all in due course.

My theme for this 2017 is ‘Being Fearless’ as last year made me realise that my anxiety is still a huge obstacle that prevents me from taking on opportunities or even acknowledging my own personal achievements. Many of my friends don’t know about this blog. Most people don’t know about this blog or me because I never promoted myself as much for anybody to notice so but hopefully by December, all will change.

From now on, most of my posts on social media may have a #BeingFearless tag linked promoting and showing proof of self-love, overcoming anxiety, living out my true potential. If you want to join, feel free and tag me too so I can read and like 🙂

Join me over on YouTube and Instagram and let the adventures begin…


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