This is going to be a quick, short update because to tell you the truth…all I did was sit on my ass and stuff my face with food every few hours. The most exercise I did this month is pace around town looking for Christmas presents (see more here), I completely abandoned Kayla’s guides and gym that by the time I was finally able to rest, I thought it would be better to just start again in the new year.

Apart from the times I accepted the invitations to god knows how many birthday and Christmas dinners, I still managed to stick to a healthy diet where necessary but without exercising that would help aid my weight loss goals, means that I put on weight – something which I didn’t want to do.

PW (30/11/2015): 163.9lbs  CW (30/12/2015): 168.8lbs

4.9lbs GAINED!

I’m so disappointed in myself, I wish I could’ve disciplined myself when it came to eating out but instead I just pulled out the “cheat meal” card and now it’s finally caught up to me but don’t worry I’m fully prepared for 2016 – I’ve learnt from my eating habits this year and is willing to make the necessary changes in order to meet my targets. Also I thought it would be a cool idea to give up or take up something new every month of the year and see how affects my lifestyle so next month I am giving up all unhealthy snacks e.g. biscuits, cakes, chocolate etc. Should be challenge to resist temptation as there is someone bringing them into the office at work but I believe it will work!

No pictures this month. Was too upset to take pictures >:'( but will do in the new year.

That’s it from me. Have a happy new year and you all continue to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. =D

Sam x