Thanks 2016!

Thanks 2016!

2016 may have been a total nightmare for some especially if you have been keeping up with global affairs or the latest celebrity news but for me personally, 2016 has been one of the most enjoyable years thus far. Over the last 12 months, I completed my year-long industrial placement, went on two holidays and celebrated my birthday for the first time and was elected to be on a dance committee at my university. To be quite honest, I feel like I have achieved more than I ever expected. As stupid and cliché as it sounds, Kylie Jenner was kind of right: 2016 was the year for realising stuff.

So I found this…

Usually, I’m not the one to make new year’s resolutions but the last couple of years had left at a breaking point in my ever-so-fragile life. My teenage years was essentially a big dark hole which consistently grew as birthday’s passed – I felt as if I was failing at life, everything I touched or attempted fell to pieces – school, sports, family ties. At 18, I moved to Nottingham to start a ‘new’ life as a university student and it was originally the worst decision I had ever made – read more here. By December 2015, I was truly exhausted. I remember trying to recall the last
time I had been happy or felt good about myself and was stuck. I honestly couldn’t believe it so I made it my goal to do what the fuck I want to do. 

With my placement secured also, finances were looking suave I must say and allowed me to enjoy all the things that made me feel good. I dedicated 2016 to myself – 365 days to discovering, learning about myself as well as studying my surroundings.

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2016 has included two front row seats with JoJo and Beyoncé, two impromptu getaways to Madrid and Amsterdam, becoming an aunt to a boy in September and being elected Treasurer of my university’s dance committee. Other personal achievements were the occasional weight loss, completing my placement, purchasing my camera and tripod equipment for future videos and photos and of course, TURNING TWENTY-ONE!

What made the year better was that I spent it with some of my favourite people.

Did I have any setbacks? Of course, I am human after all. I still had to clear the skeletons in my closet – I found out that I would be repeating second-year as I had failed some modules and had to break it to my parents. This would mean another two years at university and stress on the finances. I remember my cousin graduating this summer and everybody nudging me saying ‘It will be you next year’, shooting my anxiety through the roof.

I told them. It was fine. Overreacting as usual. Oh, anxiety how you love to make me think I’m going insane.

So what did you exactly realise? Well first and foremost, 2016 taught me that I matter. As teenagers or young adults, I think sometimes we make too many sacrifices in fear of disappointing family or so-called friends but we never realise that we are ultimately stunting our growth as an independent woman/man. I understood that my decisions may not be everyone’s taste but at the end of the day, it is my decision and my life and health should always be a number one priority.

I am a work in progress. I still have a lot of growing to do and have already set some personal goals for 2017. Another two holidays have also been booked and my first vision board has been created – 2017 is looking to be an even better year.

If you haven’t already I want everybody who is reading this to dedicate 2017 to you.

  • Buy a planner/diary or even A6 paper and create a huge mind map highlighting your goals and methods of meeting those over the next twelve months, keeping track of any obstacles or failures.
  • Take pictures of any holidays/career achievements/yourself at your favourite rapper or singer’s concert etc. any highlights which denote your freedom. Then save them in a folder or print to add to a photo album.
  • Always put yourself first. Don’t let the pressures of those around you cloud your vision and ambitions. If you set a plan, follow it on your own accord.
  • Surround yourself with real people. Do you have a friend(s) who never sugarcoats the truth from you? Keep them. They are probably the most reliable people to come into your life. Get rid of any negative nancy’s – they are not worth your time.
  • Give yourself a tap on the back. Don’t wait until December 31st to reward yourself for the year you had – do it there and then. You are truly capable of anything you set your mind too. So what are you waiting for?

Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog over the last 12 months and I wish you all a..


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