#Winning: South Avenue Creepers

#Winning: South Avenue Creepers

south avenue creepers

What are thosssseeee???!!

First of all just to clarify, I am not in no particular way a fashion blogger nor do I have any intentions to primarily focus this blog on fashion but after trying these on today, I felt it was only right to. These bad boys are a recent purchase of mine from South Avenue. Obviously creepers are the new in-style for the season as you may have seen these worn by the likes of Rihanna (see Talk That Talk era) and Miley Cyrus.

Sole Creepers 2

Nude Faux Suede Cleated Sole Creeper

For £25 but they are a comfortable fit and very comfortable to walk in. I complimented these with a double denim look and a Aztec patterned cardigan I purchased from H&M. Hope you like 🙂

Double Denim with Creepers



Shop: South Avenue (ASOS MarketPlace)

Style: Nude Faux Suede Cleated Sole Creepers 

Cost: £25

Link to product: http://bit.ly/25cg2aE