SHE Returns!!

SHE Returns!!


New Logo. New website. New beginnings.

Hey guys!! For anybody who has come across LifestyleByShe may know that I was previously using Squarespace as a platform to launch my website as I originally wanted to use a website which was quite basic but also practical to use and worth my money (approx £45 a year – student discount) but as I begun to launch myself into the blogging world I became quite concious of the way my website looked and how unresponsive it was if visiting via a tablet or mobile, especially in comparison to a lot of other bloggers and this overall led me to go back to the drawing board and thoroughly plan another way to launch my website and brand in a more professional matter. As Squarespace did not meet the needs required for me to pursue my goals, I ultimately shut down my site via the platform and took some time away from blogging for a while to get my head straight.

I’ve been very aware of WordPress (I mean which web designer hasn’t?) but thought it was way too complex to even start-up let alone actually use it and seeing as I am quite impatient when it comes to learn the technical things, I looked for easier alternatives such as SquareSpace but to much disappointment I decided to give WordPress a try and here we are – A BRAND NEW WEBSITE!!

I am so happy and excited right now to be able to share this with you all after spending hours, days, weeks on finding the perfect template (thanks pipdig), figuring my way around the WordPress tools as well as Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop etc.) and planning which and how I can utilise social media to my advantage over the next few years. Hopefully over the next year or so I would be able to immerse myself into the blogging community more and meet alike people who I can collaborate on projects with and so forth but for now it will just be posts here and there and weekly blog chats 🙂

Any who, that’s enough from me. Just wanted to say I’m glad to be back and hopefully over the next few years more people will be willing to be part of my journey and more aware of my work.

Sam x