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Live and Eat Pie – Pieminister sign

This is not something I would be doing on a regular basis because I’m not really a foodie but I recently had lunch here at Pieminister and thought why not?. For those who don’t know, I am currently doing a year-long work placement with my university’s Alumni Relations team and as the owner of the franchise is an alumnus of the university he kindly sent in some discounted vouchers to use when we pop by (perks of being a ‘staff’ member) to coincide with their brand launch in Nottingham.

We visited the restaurant on a wet and windy Wednesday so I think it was the appropriate weather for some nice hot grub to tuck into. The atmosphere of the place was quite laid-back and as it wasn’t quite busy when we arrived we didn’t have to wait at all to be allocated a table. The waitresses were really friendly and didn’t bother us much like some would in other restaurants and the service was very fast – I mean the food was served to us after 5 minutes of ordering!

Now to the food. As I am a pescatarian for the month, I had to set my focus onto the vegetarian section which limited my options to 5 choices. I eventually ended up ordering the Heidi Pie which has a filling of ‘A Somerset goats’ cheese, sweet potato, spinach & red onion pie’ (Pieminister) accompanied with freshly cut potato chips and Onion & Red Wine gravy.


Heidi Pie – Pieminister, Nottingham

The pie tasted absolutely delicious and the chips were equally amazing, my only disappointment would probably be the gravy as great as it was with the pie, it was lumpy to the extent that I had to use my fork to get rid the lumps. Other than that, the total cost of my meal was only £6.50 (bargain!) so I would definitely come back here again to try another one of their pies – maybe the Green Goddess maybe? Who knows.

Pieminister are not only based in Nottingham – they have a number or restaurants and café’s around the nation so if you come across one, check it out! You certainly won’t regret it. Below you would see the details for Pieminister so you can keep up-to-date with them and any offers they may have and hopefully if you liked this review I may do more in the near future!

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