New Staff Member In The Building!!!

New Staff Member In The Building!!!


Since turning 20, I’ve kind just disappeared…yes, its only been 16 days but still it’s a long time if converted into seconds.

Didn’t really do much for my birthday, I just went shopping with my mother who spoilt me with MAC cosmetics and clothes. My mum loves House of Fraser so she obviously took me there to buy stuff but everything was so expensive. I know it was my birthday but there was no way I was spending £100 on a bag that will last me a season before I get bored. Plus it was so awkward for me because I’m so used to shopping at typical high street stores such as River Island and New Look that I felt out of place and I’m sure those working there noticed haha. Also, I got to meet up with a friend of mine who is currently studying in France and had yet another shopping day. I hadn’t seen her in over a whole year but it felt like she never left as it was all smiles and laughter (hopefully it won’t be another year till I see her again lol)  🙂

First day handout read -__- and their annual Alumni magazine, Network.

First day handout gifts…to read -__- and their annual Alumni magazine, Network.

Now I’ve been given full training, I have a list of tasks set up to prove my skills…eek! I’ve been doing well so far but who knows what will happen in the next few months.

Anywhoo I just wanted to blog about my last couple of weeks. No late nights for me no more. Back to waking up at 6:45. Pray for me.

Sam x