Self-Love 101: Make Yourself Great Again

Self-Love 101: Make Yourself Great Again

If 2017 wasn’t your year, give yourself a clap because you still gathered the strength to keep going and see it through to today! Now we are here in 2018, the time to start afresh, fulfill our wishes and live our best life!

Yes, I said it we are going to be our best selves this year. So all those tweets about self-love, knowing your worth and minding your business that you keep retweeting on your timeline – we going to put these into action and then some. Growth is so important and should be everybody’s first priority – as life continues to throw taxes, stress and more trash our way being able to understand ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically assists the ability to handle challenges that life presents as well as influence the type of energy we want around us.

How can we achieve this? Self Care. You have probably seen this word being tossed around the blogs and magazines but despite how simple it sounds, some still struggle to prioritise themselves on a day-to-day basis. There are many different ways of performing self-care that doesn’t require financial aid or being socially active:

  • Spiritually: You do not to be religious to seek spiritual growth – I have many friends who don’t follow a religion but carry a positive spirit so I asked them how they managed to do this so effortlessly and their responses were quite insightful. Chakra meditation was an unusual one: it is often associated with energy in your body (read more here) and can be performed in the comfort of your own room. One answer I did particularly like was the positive notes – every morning and evening you write on a sticky note one positive thing about yourself and the future respectively and place these on a wall or board as affirmation. 
  • Mentally: Cannot explain enough how important your mental health is. If your mind is uneasy, you will find it very difficult to grow in other aspects of your wellbeing. I wrote a Self-Love 101 post which focuses on mental health specifically a few months ago which you can find here but taking time away from social media and learning a new skill are some great places to start. 
  • Physically: PSA: THIS IS NOT A DIET – DIETING IS TRASH! However, eating well always uplifts my mood so try to consume healthier foods and drink lots of water or fruit juice with less sugar. Also, getting out the house and taking occasional walks or exercising at the gym releases endorphins which leave you feeling energised for the rest of the day. Physical care is more than your body – your skin matters too! Do some research, buy some good, natural skin care products and develop an everyday routine that you can stick too and don’t be afraid to leave the house bare-faced once in a while!

Other forms of self-care are taking accountability and responsibility for our actions. I’m sure we all know of somebody who is ‘problematic – you know the one who always manages to find themselves in a pickle or has a new friendship circle because they fell out with the last crew but somehow it is NEVER their fault? Or when you call them out they always react negatively or quick to retaliate?

Do NOT be that person!

We are bound to get into arguments and fall out with people but people have more respect for those who are able to accept their wrongdoing and change for the better future. That is the true force behind being our best selves.

That’s all folks!

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