Dancing The Blues Away – Part 1

Dancing The Blues Away – Part 1

2015  University Performance

Oh, where do I start? Well, first of all, I’ve been dancing since I was a child…in my room because it was my way of being free. Growing up watching the likes of Michael & Janet Jackson, Tina Turner and other legends inspired me to one day be a dancer however I was too naive to join a dance school at the time because I thought it was for the big kids so I opted to continue watching greats on TV and attempt to recreate their choreography in my living room and perform in front of my mother and grandmother as if it was a concert with me being the headline act (cringe, I know).

Dance, at the time, was my freedom – everything was forgotten once I had pressed that play button, all the in-house troubles and insecurities were forgotten about for that moment and to be honest probably the best moments of my childhood until I became too confident and decided to show off my talents at a school disco. My first year of secondary school so I was about 11 years old and they hosted a school disco and if I can remember I’m pretty sure it was a Beyoncé song so for anybody that knows me would know that I was going off in that sports hall but that was the problem…I was the only one going OFF in the sports hall *eek* It was the most embarrassing


Me rolling up to the school disco

moment of my secondary school days at the time I thought I was killing it like Queen Bey herself I came off feeling like the class clown.

From that moment, my confidence levels became non-existent and I vowed to never dance again as I had convinced myself I wasn’t a dancer at all. So throughout my adolescence I tried out other creative hobbies such as acting, art and sports – all apart from sports (swimming and tennis) I totally sucked at and it became depressing because I didn’t know any other way to spend my time so I mainly locked myself away in my room.

Both my mother and grandmother tirelessly encouraged me to join a dance school or go to weekly classes – my mother even went beyond her way to research nearby dance classes and was willing to pay but the memories from that day were enough to decline her offer. How stupid was I?

giphy (40)

Stepping into Fresher’s Week like


Now, ‘all grown up’ in university living the independent life, freshers week comes along – clubs, house parties and all that jazz, that embarrassing time was suddenly forgotten about seeing as I had left most of those people behind and now amongst a new crowd – so guess who was back with a brand new swag? At the Fresher’s Fair, I was approached by two dance societies – Trent Dance and Funky Fresh Collective (Hip Hop dance society). This time, I actually was willing to join until I heard I had to audition and even though I was reassured that it would be in groups the thought of anybody watching me attempt to buss a quick two-step (sober) freaked the shit out of me so guess what? I thought not.


Part two coming later this week 🙂