A Look: Greece

A Look: Greece

I’m back and better.

After a long stressful month full of revision, my recent family holiday to Greece came as a blessing in disguise as I was able to relax in such a peaceful environment and spend time with the people I love. We stayed in Thomas Beach Hotel, 3 star hotel in Nea Makri, a small town approximately 45 minutes drive away from Athens and received a very welcoming reception and overall stay. The staff were very polite as well as the locals. As promised I brought my camera with me to film and document my day-to-day activities so watch out for a vlog in the next week or so.

Necklace - Primark

Necklace – Primark (£8)

Now I’m not a fashionista at all and would never class myself as a fashion/style blogger but I have taken a big interest in vintage fashion and experimenting with different styles. Usually I wear black on black with a hint of colour like my wardrobe is so black it’s practically darkness and a good friend of mine told me that fashion can be seen as an extension of your personality so, in that case, I would be seen to have a pretty depressing or dark persona which I like to think is the complete opposite of who I truly am. So with the little funds, I had remaining in my account, I had a small shopping spree at some charity shops to find some colourful garms to rock in Greece and was quite impressed with how much quality purchases you can make on a small budget.

If you have me on Instagram (SamNLDN), you may have seen some of the looks I was rocking whilst in Greece. The reception has beeen positive so far, some if not, my most liked pictures in a while (a sign maybe?) so decided to make a post highlighting the full looks including my outfit I wore to my nephew’s Christening, a casual family dinner and my flight back to London.

Yay or Nay?