Diversity in Blogging: Now What?

Diversity in Blogging: Now What?

So I was reading Grace’s much-needed post highlighting the lack of diversity and opportunities for people of colour (POC) in particular black females in the blogging industry. This includes sponsored content to advertising campaigns and award nominations. It’s quite unfortunate that despite there being quite a few notable black bloggers who have built a following and brand for themselves still go unnoticed by both white bloggers and large brands.

Before I begin, I am well aware that this issue is bigger than the blogging community as this type of inequality is more or less a societal issue but that does not mean that a change cannot take place. This solely focuses on addressing the lack of diversity from a bloggers’ perspective. As a small blogger, this doesn’t affect me as such as this is not a career for me as it is for Grace Victory but after reading her post, it really struck me to write this post.

Now from looking at the comments, it seems that many were either ‘shocked’ that this type of discrimination still occurs in 2017 or agree with the fact that a change needs to be implemented now(!), others just made excuses which I will not even address but as huge as this issue is where do we (I say we because this should be a team effort) begin to bring a shift in the community because to be quite frank, there are some amazing black YouTubers and online bloggers out there, both male and female who deserve to be recognised too!

“What can I do?”

In order to broaden your horizons, you can start by actively looking for bloggers of colour that are trying to get a step ahead in your field. Due to the way western society is set up, you would not see many of these people be given the same platform or put to the forefront regardless of their social following and good content so it would be your responsibility to seek them out and give them a follow on their social media and a cheeky promo here and there.

“I would love to collaborate with some POC bloggers but don’t know anybody. Could you lead me to some?”

If you are looking for the best place for British bloggers of colour, there are two notable Twitter communities called Black British Bloggers and Bloggers of Colour. There you can find plenty of black bloggers both big and small as well as any upcoming events and chats. I have also found a hidden YouTube gem where plenty of Black-British YouTubers exist and discuss all sorts of topics on their channels from mental health to faith and makeup. Below is a small list of bloggers that you can check out their content and follow:

Bloggers (links attached)

Curlture | Adzvice | Black BalladThe Slumflower | Saabirah Lawrence |

Afro Glory | Melanin Mind & Soul | Akira-Kay | Afro Mermaid | Wumns

Youtubers (links attached)

Grace F Victory | Nissy Tee | Courtney Daniella | Aliyah Maria Bee | Shadey Bangs |

Nella Rose | Kike AJ | Mikai Mcdermott | Lizzie Loves | Annie Drea

“Is there anything else I can do?”


About the culture(s) – the difference between appropriation and appreciation -, the struggles of being black from natural hair to systemic racism and intersectional feminism. Like Grace said, if you really want a change, recognise your privilege and utilise it to give others a platform too. Call out brands who lack diversity in their campaigns and post bullshit PR apologies. Everybody should have a right to be included. Diversity should be inclusive of all skin colours, gender, size and religious backgrounds.


All opinions shared are my own.