Best Month of the Year.

Best Month of the Year.


So it’s last month of the year and the time we all reminisce on the memories this year has brought us – the good, the bad and those ugly ones we would all like to forget (though it may be still used against us). It has definitely a hectic few weeks for me leading to this month – I barely had any sleep and was eventually in search for my sanity by the end of it all but it’s all over and finally I can relax and tell all.

This month’s agenda included a dance show, birthday dinners and a whole bunch of Christmas lunches (inc. ‘secret Santa’) and though it may seem like it was nothing to worry about – IT WAS! Attempting to work a 9-5 job followed by rehearsals then include finding the time to run around town to find last minute presents for everyone and blog, eat blah blah it was indeed a stressful experience.

I don’t have many pictures of everything that happened because most of the time my mind was elsewhere and taking pictures/saving snapchats did not cross my mind until it was too late XD but I do have a few like my present I received from my ‘Secret Santa’ from my co-worker from my placement (pictured right) and my first ever meal at Red’s True BBQ (pictured centre) which was Baby-back ribs (small) with mac n cheese and sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries were delicious as they should be however the mac n cheese and ribs were pretty much average but the portions were acceptable for the price I paid. Would definitely go back one day.

Enjoy some of the performances below (most I captured were only 30 sec videos so I didn’t think it was worth uploading)

Soooo the show finally finished which means only one thing….PARTY!!! However by that time, my body was exhausted so I was only out for a few hours before setting off to bed – I even brought alcohol and couldn’t be bothered to drink it lol who does that?

Now I’m back home with the family and fully prepared for Christmas. We’re celebrating small this year which is good for me because I don’t really like being around a lot of people.

So I wish everyone reading this a very Merry Christmas – may all your wishes be granted.

Sam x