After months (13 to be exact) of contemplating of whether to create a blog, I have decided to just follow my gut and see what the future holds. I don’t have any intentions or set plans of starting a profitable business or anything of that kind off this, I’m mainly using it for my own personal purposes which is to simply occupy my free time.

So allow me to reintroduce myself my name is SAM (sorry got a bit carried away there *pfft* who am I even talking to lol). I am 19 years and is currently in university, born and raised in the lovely city of London. I would describe my life to be a roller-coaster. I have been through a whirlwind of events – dealing with depression, insecurities (learning to accept myself), social anxiety but over the past few years with support of others, everyday has been a learning curve which I believe has lead to be the person I am today.

No, I do not believe that I am perfect or reached my full potential but with my growing confidence to take risks and not let ignorance overcome my vision and dreams has allowed me to become successful in roles I would’ve never thought twice about a few years ago.

So there you have it, just a little message about my background. If you want to get to know me more, you can see more in the About section but until then go ahead a explore -there’s not much (or anything tbh) as I’m still working on it but soon enough everything will be up and running 🙂


Sam x