*LAST BLOG OF 2015* End of Year Review and Goals for 2016

*LAST BLOG OF 2015* End of Year Review and Goals for 2016



Personally, 2015 has been a fantastic year for me! I’ve overcome many obstacles that had made previous years a living hell, took on many more opportunities and discovered new things about myself that I would have never thought. Overall, this year has been a huge learning curve for me which has allowed me to grow as a person now I’m able to smile and laugh and still feel amazing (a feeling I’ve been longing for). Maybe I’ll discuss it on here sometime next year if I have the strength to come out but I’m proud to be in a better space mentally and emotionally than I was 365 days ago.

Whilst browsing other blogger’s websites and seeing their goals set for next year, I thought I would follow suit and set some for myself as I’m pretty optimistic about the year ahead. This year I took a big step out of my comfort zone and focused thoroughly on myself and I will continue to do that next year but my #bloggoals for 2016 will be:

  1. Learn all about photography – One thing I love when scrolling through people’s Instagram pages and blogs is the high-quality images they put – whether it’s down to good editing skills or having a digital camera (or both) I don’t know but I would definitely love to learn how to take quality photos for my blog and my personal collection.
  2. Be more consistent – As I work a full-time job I have found it difficult to find time to plan my posts efficiently without bombarding everyone with a bunch of posts so I hope to post 2-3 a week/fortnight (too much?) and just promote them on social media in hopes of gaining some attention.
  3. Meet other bloggers – If it wasn’t for Twitter I would’ve never known about blog meet-ups and blog chats so hopefully, I could get myself more involved and meet other bloggers with likewise interests and hopefully be able to share ideas and work together.
  4. Be more open – There’s not much revealed about myself on here seeing as it’s my blog it is only right people know who is behind the keyboard. Don’t want people thinking I’m a creep hiding behind an icon picture. Everything will be revealed soon enough – promise 🙂

That’s all folks!! Though I have only been doing this for a few months, I’m grateful for the support so far but to finally conclude I wish you all a  Happy New Year, may your year be filled with joy and happiness, don’t be afraid to reveal your true colours and if you ever feel stuck think WWBD…What would Beyoncé do?


Be back next year 🙂