Who is S H E? – Behind the Brand

New logo.

SHE is a developing brand I have been working on for quite a while now since I was probably 14 years old under numerous aliases. Inspiration stemmed from my personal experiences and issues that are still rarely addressed today in mainstream media but are still a prevalent obstacle that most people struggle with on a daily basis especially teenagers – mental health. I’m not going to go into too much depth at this time but during that difficult time in my life I always used my notepads or phone as an outlet to let out my thoughts or say things I could never tell my parents or friends – even till this day those secrets, shall we say, remain sacred.

Even though growing up was quite difficult, I am blessed to sit here today and say I’ve overcome a lot and I have now reached the point in my life where I’ve realised that ‘life is too short to not be happy or abide by the social norms’ so with that being said I began to take small steps to change my lifestyle and use this blog as an outlet to publish my thoughts and share my journey with you all with hopes that in the future, I would not only be of help to somebody but also could also encourage and inspire others to do the same and live life as they wish.

It’s not easy but it will definitely be worth it.

So that’s a little background information, SHE is an acronym for Share. Help. Empower all which coincides with my story and future goals. To summarise:

SHE is all about living YOUR life.

I would hope to use this branding to create an active online community which would allow people, in particular, young people to freely express themselves in any shape or form in an environment absent of discrimination or hatred of any kind by sharing their stories and journeys.

We as people have the tendency to underestimate the power of the words we speak of when approaching certain topics so hopefully I will be able to provide a platform that would not only to showcase the diverse range of  but also to share personal stories and experiences stemming from a range of relatable topics in hopes to inspire, educate and most importantly raise awareness of issues that are routinely overlooked upon.

It’s still in progress, as you can see, but I would hope SHE would become a leading global brand and a proud legacy in years to come so definitely watch this space! 🙂

“No greater place to be than in a leadership position to lead young minds to prosperity” 
― Darrius Garrett